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APH Pairing Explanation: APH Japan x APH Belarus

NOTE: This is an old explanation that I've typed back in 2013 and haven't been updated since. I'm reposting it on Livejournal as a reference to why I ship APH Japan x APH Belarus (Hetalia)


It was three years ago when I joined the Hetalia fandom with an interest in APH Belarus and the RusBela pairing. One day, while I lurked for some Belarus fanart, I came across an APH JapanxBelarus picture. At first, I was like "Hmm, Japan and Belarus look good together." and I went to check out the artist's page. Guess what? The artist turns out to be @Rupyon! I checked out her JapanxBelarus folder and I was rather curious and fascinated about the pairing. After finding out that Japan and Belarus interacted in one of the drama CDs from the first JpnBela group as well there were real life relations between the two actual countries, these two would became my Hetalia OTP.

Canon interactions

Now, before anyone get on me, I don't know if the drama CDs are considered canon but I'd like to use it as a reason along with an event from the web comic version and a small detail that I found on APH Belarus wiki page. I'll get to those after. JapanXBelarusFC linked its members and visitors to the audio and translated script from the drama CD on a site and I listened to it and read the translation.

So, according to a scene, APH Belarus seemed to know a detail about the Japanese culture when she performed 'nininbaori' on APH Japan. In case you don't know, 'Nininbaori' is basically this:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yes, the characters on the screenshot are from Detective Conan and I'm using it as a example.

Nininboari is a Japanese comedic act where two people wear the same coat and they pretended they're one. Just wow, can you believe that Belarus had pulled this on Japan? If they had included this scene in the animated version of Let's Talk About The G8 Members, I think my shipping heart would melt! It'd be freaking adorable! So, where the hell did Belarus learned such thing? Maybe she did research on Japan after keeping hearing her brother repeating his name.
But do I count this small scene as a JpnBela moment? Um, not to sound biased, I don't. Because canonically, she's in love with Russia in a creepy way and probably learned Nininboari to impressed him! I'd make sense. Besides, she called Japan a 'bastard' and acting rude to him. However, Japan called her 'special' for learning Nininboari and is rather intrigued by her while being afraid at the same time. I mean the tone of his voice in the drama CD should explain it. Speaking of tone was it just only me or did Japan sound disappoint when he say this:

"Yes. Your little sister is quite radical."

After witnessing the crazy scene between Belarus and Russia, it'd make sense if he did feel disappoint but again, I don't know Japanese at all so I could be wrong on this. Japan's probably scarred for life after seeing the moment between the siblings. Then again, he's a country and like other countries, he sees a lot of horrible shit throughout his lifetime so the one-sided Belarus --> Russia scene doesn't compared in the end, Japan encouraged England not to 'give up' after England claims he isn't afraid of Belarus and Russia. So, in my conclusion, the interaction between Japan and Belarus was like 'at the first impression'.

Webcomic: Christmas 2011 (Axis)

Japan, Germany and Italy throw a Christmas party and invited the other countries. Things were cool and humorous until Belarus crashes the party and demanded her brother's whereabouts:

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I noticed the kanji on Japan when he greeted Belarus I can't read Japanese but I'm assured he's either 'surprised' or 'nervous' at her presence, especially after she said 'salmon roe on her pancakes'. Salmon roe is a Japanese version of a dish after all. Did Belarus 'stalk' Japan on the internet or books again? Anyway, Belarus ignored him and accused him of hiding Russia. Japan didn't give her a response and the event continued on until they reached a tape of a certain German's memory.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Belarus stayed quiet for a one or two seconds until she yelled, scaring the crap out of Italy. Either she remained silent at Japan's comment or what she saw on the footage (Most likely to the latter) However, to me, somehow Japan's words got to Belarus, making her think for a second or two. Japan put the DVD away due to Italy's reaction but I had a feeling that there was more to his reaction.

Belarus's wiki page

Not too much but I found a rather interesting detail that reveals a least one more implied interaction between Belarus and Japan?

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If this statement reflects the real life relations between the two countries, I'm assured that APH! Belarus reputation reached the ears of the Japanese ministry and warned APH! Japan to stay away from her but, due to real life reactions; it'd be impossible unless their bosses have a serious business meeting without their country's personifications. I'm pretty sure Japan told her about this statement himself. Now, the question is how did Belarus feel, being marked as 'unsafe'? The question remains.

Real Life relations

WARNING:The information of real life reactions I'm about to share are outdated.

Oh boy! This is going to be a hard part for me to explain as I don't really care for politics in general but I’m going to do this.


"Both the nations have suffered from radiation and defend the idea of a world without nuclear weapons. Both the sides are intent on mutually beneficial cooperation." ~Source

~ Yoshinori Ohno

According to an article, Japan and Belarus started their relations 20 years ago. You know, a lot can happen in 20 years. These years would have given Belarus and Japan the time to develop possible feelings for one another. Especially after he, suddenly, helped her after the Chernobyl disaster (In 1986 and she returned the favor, years later, after he suffered a similar fate (Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster). Plus they allowed their people into their lands for health support after the incidents:

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Their bosses were VERY concerned about their countries’ well-being. Despite that, Belarus, at first, didn't really want to involved with Japan because her resentment towards him in defense of her brother but she had to for the sake of her people and pretty much got close to him? As for Japan, we all know that Belarus is VERY beautiful character and probably fall for her at the first slight?

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Once again, Belarus and her people had helped Japan after what happened to him and his people. I know the other countries did the same but BELARUS out of all people helped him and I think she was having money problems herself.

The Characters Personalities

We all know APH Japan is a calm, hardworking cool and collected character with politeness and quietness, and is curious about other countries’ cultures serving as a contrast to Belarus's not so heartwarming, loud dirty-talking and not so polite at all bit what would happened if these personalities come across one other? Well, for once, I believe Japan's seriousness and coolness would calm Belarus and Belarus's taking things head onwould encouraged Japan to speak his mind out. Sometimes, the quietness and mysteriousness of a man could get a woman's attention. In my opinion.


* Japan lost to Belarus in a soccer game ~Source
* Visas for Japanese citizens are free. ~Source
* There was a Japanese film festival in Belarus's capital ~Source

Now, you do know why APH Japan/Belarus pairing exists in the Hetalia fandom.
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